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About Me

My Super-Power is seeing, recognizing, and drawing out other people’s Super-Powers!

My own journey has included working through trauma, loss, and unhealthy behaviors that pulled me from my True North. I stumbled too many times to count until I found a system that worked for me.

Through my education and lived experience, I’ve collected resources and tools for my clinical toolbox. This has led me to become an engaged, reliable journey-partner that stays on task with measurable and achievable steps. I will support YOU by holding a welcoming and supportive space where you can focus on your goals and dreams. I am authentic, empathetic, and compassionate. Witnessing your achievements is the passion that motivates my work!

My educational background includes a Master’s degree in Psychology, Board Certification in Applied Behavior Analysis, and certificates in trauma-informed behavior analysis, holistic behavior analysis, mindfulness training, and courses in spirituality. With over 20 years of training and experience, I’ve helped individuals to move from a current situation that is no longer functional, to a more holistic, integrated, and authentic version of their best self. Increased happiness, quality of life, and ease of navigating problems are a result of an effective coaching relationship. Together we will uncover strengths and gifts you may not be aware you already have and build on those strengths to create a solid foundation that will enable you to survive and thrive through all the storms that life may bring.


Why "Our Safe Harbor?" 

My aim is to create a collaborative, welcoming space where you will feel comfortable and supported. Harbors are places where boats (my very favorite thing!) can stop and rest gently, while being anchored loosely to a fixed spot. Translated to a coaching collaboration, Our Safe Harbor becomes a place of rest and renewal before you "relaunch" yourself on the next part of your journey. Welcome in, and enjoy the sunset.  

I am a SHE RECOVERS® Coach, which means that I am trained in and my work aligns with the

SHE RECOVERS® Intentions & Guiding Principles.

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