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I offer three types of service options.

  •  Four Week Coaching Program   

  • 1:1 a-la-carte "coaching as needed"

  • Mentorship and supervision for upcoming Behavior Analysts & BCBA exam prep. 

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Four Week Coaching Program 

The coaching package is an intensive 4 week program which offers 4 full hours of face to face coaching via Zoom, daily text support (if desired), three 15 minute custom recorded guided mindfulness videos tailored to your specific needs, and optional training in Self - Reiki energy healing. 

This package aims to identify a specific targeted goal or two, sort out what is working for you vs. what is blocking you from reaching your goals, and give you the tools to identify triggers and hooks. You'll notice how you naturally start to make choices that serve your highest good, resulting in your possession of an accessible and meaningful "toolkit." This toolkit offers functional responses that help you "surf the waves" during hard times or mental/physical cravings.

Giving yourself this gift of a month of weekly sessions will “reset” and “relaunch” you on your path to success. 

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1: 1 Hourly Holistic Coaching

I provide coaching/consulting for men and women over age 18 who know that they have a firm goal in mind, but perhaps haven't found a successful path to reach their objectives. We will meet for a free discovery call, and then if it feels like a good match in terms of my experience and your needs, we'll set up a time to do a deep dive and collect some information about your dreams.  This is not a replacement for therapy, this is trauma - informed coaching using tools and techniques that are time-tested and evidence-based, such as applied behavior analysis, mindfulness, and ACT. 

My approach to working with clients is that YOU are the expert of your life. I have expertise in how to increase behavioral and psychological flexibility, being more present in your daily life, and overcoming obstacles that you perceive as barriers to happiness. I will collaborate with you to reset yourself on the course to success. My job is to put myself out of a job, not to make you reliant upon me, but to show you the skills and strengths you already possess and how to make them work for you. 

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BCBA/RBT exam preparation
Mentorship / supervision for  BACB fieldwork


  • New cohorts start quarterly offering biweekly exam prep trainings, please contact for more information!



Each service option is custom tailored during our first intake meeting, to match the needs of your personal or professional goals. 


Hourly rate 1:1 behavioral health coaching:

$125 hour

Coaching Package: $500 one time, or two payments of $275 (coaching, mindfulness training, self-reiki training, daily two-way text support)

BCBA exam prep - $125 per cohort (4 person group)

BCBA mentorship / fieldwork supervision $50 per session (individual) 

Credit (coming soon)

Venmo / Zelle Accepted

"Be still, and allow your gaze to spread." 

~Rob Chapman, author of "You Can Do It - Overcome Anxiety"

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